Industry Leaders' Testimonials

Keith Trowbridge, President Executive Quest, Inc.

“Your well rounded and extensive skill set profile is rare and our decision to use Sage Marketing Group, Inc. has proven to be a good value equation. ……your thorough understanding of the equation and how to align these details for an impressive performance metric does wonders for keeping our marketing costs as low as possible. It's refreshing to see a 21st century approach to the process and a willingness to think outside the box with your keen awareness of the necessity for extracting the best performance.”  

Dale Goodman, President of GOODMANagement®

"I have had the pleasure to work with Ron Roberts over the past decade. He has great passion for people and for his work in the timesharing business. Our Owner Services team frequently will refer to Ron owners who say they are on the verge of giving up on timeshare. Often times our staff will refer these owners to Ron to assist with a sale. More times than not Ron will either reignite the owner’s love for their week, or he will have the children of the owner fighting over who gets to use the timeshare next!"

Herb Alfree, Managing Partner & Developer

"Converting our weeks owners to points here in Michigan has been a great cash flow blessing. The webinar based sales process works well with people both near and far away.  We are delighted with the results! ...

Clearing out the delinquencies and selling inventory promptly has also made quite a difference in our cash flow.  ..."

Frederick W. Dauch, Principle Colebrook Financial Company, LLC

“Ron Roberts's Sage Marketing Group, Inc. is the first company that comes to mind when Colebrook’s clients ask us to recommend a Sales & Marketing company. Colebrook has enjoyed working with Sage Marketing over the past four years. We were impressed with your ability to overcome numerous obstacles… We have found you and your staff to be extremely professional in your approach to business and timeshare sales and marketing.”      

Bob Waun, Managing Director, Vacation Finance

 “You truly are the smartest guy I know in vacation ownership and the first fellow I have turned to for information, guidance, market intel and expertise. You have more than earned the title of expert in resort sales and marketing. …. you have been steady in your commitment to the fundamentals of sales. …. any project or business can weather financial storms; you proved this with your clients in this market down turn. …. look forward to being involved in projects where you are the sales and marketing shepherd.” 

Jerry R. Dunn, Attorney, President, Developer

“My first reaction to Ron's proposal to speed up the sales pace was: ‘that’s impossible.’ I’m glad we went ahead because SAGE showed us that the pace of sales could be almost anything we wanted….. As we near completion of the sale of our 850 lots (40left) and the complete sale of all of our timeshare product (about $ 41,000,000 in sales), I write to tell you….we are extremely happy with the results of the project and are particularly grateful to you for all of your input, knowledge and advice…”      

Scott Earls, Managing Partner, Developer

“You are the hardest working person I’ve ever met. Your knowledge, connections, reputation, experience, etc. in this industry have been huge benefits …… I especially appreciate that you are honest, deliver on promises and are a true gentleman in every sense of the word.”  

David E. Goldman, President, Goldman Management Co., Inc.

"I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I have been working with you over the last 8 years.  In my 15 plus years of experience working in management and development of major recreation projects, your creative ingenuity and integrity in an industry plagued with the opposite was a welcome relief.

I am still amazed how you have, time and time again, placed my project and interest ahead of your own. You also have shown a remarkable ability to get cost effective tours and engineer marketing programs that can make my project profitable, along with using new sales techniques instead of the tired old "used car salesman" methods of the 70's and 80's."

Sherman Potvin, Fractional Consultant

Ron's knowledge of the Time Share, Vacation ownership world is amazing. He is a  wealth of information, totally understands the “numbers” and has one of  the best marketing minds in the industry. Ron is known to have several  “specialties” within the industry. He can raise funding for major  projects or simply write their business plan. His love of the business  shines through whenever one is on the phone with him discussing a project. Ron is always my first recommendation to developers."

Barry C. Maloney, Attorney, CPA, Developer

“It is clear that you give lenders comfort when it comes to discussing the complex lending associated with the business. It also helps that you are on a first name basis with most of the lenders who have privately told me that they are enthusiastic about our project because of Sage’s involvement.”  

JEH Builders, Developer

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work, great support for our onsite operations, and your continued dedication to our resort. The many dozens of sales (of the “take back” inventory) that has come back to us since the complete sell out in 2002 represents many thousands of extra dollars of maintenance fees to the resort that we would never have recouped. It’s great that we can get this inventory sold fast…. This goes a long way toward keeping our maintenance fees as low as possible for our owners. 

I am thrilled that we are making these weeks of inventory “go away” for 0% additional cost. The owners who want to sell are happy, the owner base is very content, and moreover the owners here appreciate much better what they had purchased from us years ago." 

Frank Murray, Chief Investment Officer, Capital Source

“Ron – I just want to write you a quick note to let you know how happy I was that the results that you delivered to our troubled borrower were in fact greater than what you had advertised. It’s not often that we have met someone who consistently exceeded expectations while delivering top and bottom line results immediately.”  

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