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LSI brings answers to the most pressing issues facing HOA's and managers of  "Legacy" Timeshare Resorts today including: Proven Methods to Eliminate Delinquencies, Maintenence Fee Recovery, Asset Recapture, Sale of Standing Inventory, Points Conversions, Rental Programs, low cost Legal & Trust services, and more - all customized to your specific needs.

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Facing These Resort Threats?

Diminishing Maintenance Fee Revenues?


Diminishing Maintenance Fee Revenues Threaten A Resort’s Existence! 

Resale of all resort standing inventory with maintenance fees paid immediately, plus revenue share on the sale, STOPS maintenance fee losses. With outlets to sell all inventory with a multifaceted approach, including “owner resales” as they occur, the strategy allows for immediate maintenance fee billings and delivers additional revenue to the HOA on the sale.  

Increasing Delinquencies?


Delinquent Maintenance Fees And Mortgages Quickly Escalate To A Major Cash Flow Trap!   

Low cost and fast clearing of delinquencies, with minimal conflict, and inexpensive Judicial process paves the way for better hospitality, a much more content owner base, and an HOA focused on service and owner enjoyment.  

Increasing "Standing Inventory"?


  Increasing Standing Inventory Without A Solution Is A Serious Threat!

Not only can HOA or POA Inventory diminish but it can drop to zero including any foreclosures which may develop in the future! Collection of all maintenance fees due is revenue necessary to sustain the resort. 

Deferred Maintenance?


Lack Of Maintenance Fee Revenues Prevents  Proper Ongoing Resort Repairs, Jeopardizing  Hospitality, Owner Satisfaction, and Confidence In Management.

Selling HOA inventory restores cash flow by collecting full maintenance fees owed, and new revenue programs such as points conversions allows for proper maintenance of the resort and complete elimination of any deferred maintenance.  

Frequent "Special Assessments" to Pay Resort Operations?


Frequent Special Assessments contribute to a disgruntled and discouraged owner base and lead to more delinquencies.

With all Inventory sold, delinquencies solved, and maintenance fees payed on time,  most HOA boards are able to prescribe a lowering of fees, thus granting relief for the major owner objection of timeshare as a vacation option.

Reserve Fund Insufficient for Future Repairs and Replacements?


Unsold HOA Inventory eventually turns into millions of dollars missing that should have been allocated to Long Term Maintenance, Capital Repairs, and Capital Replacements.  

Fully sold inventory, elimination of delinquencies, reselling owners weeks, and revenue generation programs costs the HOA, POA, or Developer ZERO Dollars to initiate and finally puts the resort on a solid financial footing.  

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